Wise Owl Hat


Et voila, one (slightly modified) Wise Owl Hat!

Triumph after near disaster

I’ll start at the beginning, I cast on using a 7mm needle ( the pattern calls for a 6mm one).


It knitted up really quickly and the cables were a doddle, before I knew it the owls were forming


Due to the increased needle size the hat was going to turn out too tall so I cut out a few rows, decreasing faster than instructed and it turned out really well!

After trying it on I decided the ribbing wasn’t tight enough. I used the cutting trick I mentioned in a previous post…this time it didn’t work out quite as well.

The ribbing didnt unravel properly and I had to cut it off! I managed to avert total disaster by threading a 5mm  circular needle through the stitches just above the rib to catch  them before they unraveled.
It didn’t look perfect but it wasn’t a write off. I knitted the rib again and managed to rescue the hat.
I then added a cute pom pom to the top. For the eyes I used the lovely blue buttons I had stashed for Miriam because they are the perfect colour for this hat.

Lesson Learned

I think the difference in results of the cutting technique is because the ribbing wasn’t in a different yarn from the body. Or maybe because the hat is knitted in the round and the cardigan sleeve is flat.

There are still some small imperfections in the hat just above the rib but they arent visible unless you examine it closely.

Weirdly there’s actually an article about cutting your knitting in this months Lets Knit magazine.
Its called Steeking and can be used to make cardigans by knitting the body whole and then cutting the opening down the front.
Sounds terrifying but a great technique for an almost seamless cardigan.

Save a UFO today!


This pretty little number started life as a ball of King Cole Riot Dk. I fell in love with this yarn after seeing a King Cole advert in Lets Knit magazine. I had to have some. Only being able to afford one ball and being inexperienced in garments at the time, I opted to make this Cerulean Shrug
Its a very simple pattern with no shaping . Unfortunately I never quite liked the way it sat across my back and it sat unworn for same time.
A few months ago I unpicked the sleeve seems and flattened the piece back out again. I twisted the piece and sewed the two flat ends together like a Mobius strip (inspired this Laura Cruikshank pattern.)

It now makes a perfect little Mobius Cowl ,with the seemed edge and the back and the twist at the front.
I’m so happy to have saved a UFO from a life on the shelf!
What great examples of UFO saving do you have?

Hello strangers…

Hello again, goodness its nearly October already!
So …back in July I purchased this pattern from Ravelry

Brandywine Falls by Robin Ulrich

As mentioned last time I was looking for a sweater pattern for the lovely Manos Maxima Aran I had purchased.I have a friends wedding coming up on October 12th and opted instead to make a shawl or wrap which would help keep me warm but still look elegant with my dress. I fell in love with Brandywine Falls as soon as I saw it and knew the Manos would be perfect for it! I have been working on it furiously for quite some time.
Here’s the finished shawl…

I’m very happy with how its turned out, the stitch definition is lovely and its very soft and warm. It was also a joy to knit and a very satisfying challenge.

I have also recently made a lovely headband/ear-warmer with some Sirdar Indie I got for my birthday.It came in a goodie bag from Abakhan from a non knitty friend. Its so soft and chunky and gorgeous that I was inspired to do something with it straight away,
This is the result

It was quick and simple and the felt flowers (which were also in the bag) finish it off nicely.

There was also 2 balls of Sirdar Funky Fur

I’ve never used any fur/eyelash yarns before but the colours instantly made me think of little Yetis and Sasquatches.

Im still working on the “Paige” sweater I mentioned last time

I’ve done one panel and am working on the second. Then its just the button bands down the sides and I’m done.

I still have tons of yarn and tons of projects in my queue (both mentally and online). I am also working on doing some tutorials, starting with the basics and we’ll see where it goes.
Til next time

Summer of Yarn!

Well its not much of a summer so far… But there has been a lot of yarn.

I managed to treat myself to 500g of Artesano Super Chunky in Damson and 500g in Cream. This yarn is 50% alpaca and gorgeously soft!



So far I’ve made these fabulous mittens


I slightly adapted a pattern which called for chunky yarn.

I bought 500g of Manos Del Uruguay Aran in Valentine.


I’m thinking of making a sweater with this but I haven’t yet decided on a pattern- here are a couple of contenders

Owls by Kate Davies

Cherie Amour
They both use chunky yarn though so I am hunting for something similar.

I’ve just to cast on this-


I’m using James C Brett Rustic Aran- its a purple tweed yarn and knits up very nicely.


I’ve also acquired some Rico Pompon Mini, it was £1.49 but they only had one ball left.


I don’t think it will be enough for a scarf but possibly one side of a cushion cover.

I spotted this little beauty in Abakhan, its a new dk yarn from King Cole.


Lovely bright colours, very funky looking. Not sure what I’m using it for yet though.

Another ball of James C Brett Marble Chunky – this time in Majesty.


The picture doesn’t do it justice

There’s a beret pattern and a cushion cover I want to make with this- decisions decisions.

Its great having all these wonderful projects in my queue and on my needles.
I’ve felt lately like I’m not  enjoying making things for the shop anymore.
It kinda sucks  the joy out of it, just knitting/crocheting furiously to get things up for sale.
I’ve decided to take the pressure off and just make stuff for myself and my friends unless someone contacts me about a project.

So you see why its been a while since I posted …

I have had so much fun buying yarn with large projects in mind. Its something I never really did before.
Making toys, you know you need Dk but most any will do- its just a choice of colour. It also doesn’t take much yarn and cheap acrylic works fine .
I also thought I wouldn’t like making bigger projects because they take so long. 
Whilst I do need several projects on the go at once, I’ve definately u turned on the garments issue.

  I feel like I’ve got my mojo back!

Its finally here!


Yarn delivery today, I have waited two weeks but its finally arrived!  Lots of lovely King Cole Moods DK for my Susie Johns “Miriam” cardigan . I’ve changed the colours completely of course but as its a stash buster there’s plenty of room for changes. The yarn is lovely, 30% wool and feels really soft. I’m excited about my first really big project and can’t wait to be wearing it.


2011 – a year in yarn

So… first post of 2012.

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a wonderful time whatever you were doing. Myself and the OH spent the night in watching Blu Rays, Alien (which looked STUNNING) followed by Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

I’ve started the new year well with 1 project already finished

A beautiful tea cosy designed by Lisa Marchand Harris. Its from the book 1,2,3 Skein Crochet by Judy Crow. Its turned out perfectly and I am really happy with it. It uses half treble stitches which I have never really done before and it creates a lovely ribbed effect. Its already one of my favourite projects that I’ve done!

I resolved to make myself at least one large garment project this year and so Ive decided to go back to something I tried in 2010. The Miriam cardigan by Susie Johns. Its a lovely striped cardigan which can be made from all your DK oddments. Initially this is what I did but the amounts I was using were too small and I ended up with too many colours, making it look really busy.

Then I started the arm in a whole new colourway which looked better but I didnt have enough to finish a whole cardi. They sit unfinished in my UFO bag, along with some knitted squares for a blanket I never made.
I’m now waiting on an order of King Cole Moods DK yarn to make this project and I can’t wait to get started!

2011 was a great year for me in terms of yarn craft. I’ve completed many projects, learnt new techniques and amassed a huge stash of yarn.
I started this blog a year ago and I’m very proud to say as of today it has had over 1500 views. I want to say thanks to each and every one of you who has stopped by in the last year.

Here’s to a yarn filled 2012!

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Cushion Cover Chronicles Part 1


Am for the first time in ages, working on a project straight from a magazine pattern.
Its a cushion cover from lets knit using a fabulously soft pom pom yarn called Cookie. The yarn came with the magazine and partly because I’m not normally a fan of novelty yarns I decided to give it a go. In classic shonnah style however I have made some adjustments. I don’t have any fabric or a sewing machine right now so I’ve opted to knit both panels.
The pattern calls for a lovely lime green to offset the cookie yarn however to match my decor I’ve opted for chocolate brown and I’ll be using teal for the other panel. I have yet decided what stitch pattern to use either. I’m  tempted to go for garter stitch or stocking stitch to keep it simple . More pics to come once I’ve decided and made a start on the second panel.
Looking forward to finishing it and seeing how it looks on my sofa!