Sew Sew Sew

I started the new year as I mean to go sewing. This had previously been mainly a yarn based blog but as you all know I also love to sew. Knitting has taken a little bit of a backseat. Although I definitely plan to work through my stash, I may not buy any new yarn for a while (she says, good intentions etc etc)

Last year saw me making cushion covers and my very first garments. This year I want to improve my clothes making skills. I’ve gotten some patterns from the very fabulous Patterns for Pirates (P4P). They are easy to follow, come in a good range of sizes and each garment usually has a few variations. Its like getting 4 patterns in one!

I’ve also been watching videos about how to make patterns from your existing clothes.

To that end, I used a loose jumper I love as a template and have made a loose flowy t-shirt for the summer. How fab is this fabric, I couldn’t resist it.

Next I’ve finished the P4P pencil skirt. Its made from soft stretchy jersey in a lovely shade of purple.

Currently I’ve got this gorgeous fabric on the cutting table

You’ll have to watch this space to see what it becomes!

Knit wise my WIPS include

  • Rose Trellis Cardigan – on hiatus but may return for summer 2018.
  • Granny Square Blanket – made a few new squares over Xmas. Needs to grow to about 4 x its current size to cover my bed.
  • Knit Kit Cat- got a little knit kit for Xmas. Have cast on the body.
  • Rainbow Shawl- with my rainbow lambswool I started a basic garter triangle shawl. Its on hiatus awaiting more yarn.

I’m hoping to return to my Brandywine Falls Shawl which I made 5 years ago. I still have more of the yarn and I’d like to lengthen the shawl. Its one of my favourite ever knits but I found I hardly wear it.

I’m also planning to make more Beehive Hats , in contrast to the above my Beehive is one of my most worn knits. I have two but the purple and grey one is my go to hat. The other one is fab too, it’s in rainbow yarn with sparkles! It’s the most amazing pattern- quick ,easy, no hat head and loads of room for my hair!

Well that’s me for today. I’ll be back with more fabric & yarn shenanigans soon!


Hiraeth Shawl

I’ve finally finished it!


Here it is blocking on the craft room floor. 

Although I’ve knit with this yarn before, I didnt block my last project. 😕

 I was surprised by just how much the yarn stretched when it got wet. It was quite scary as I worried I’d ruin it.

In the end it’s turned out really well and all the little errors I fretted about arent really visible when I’m wearing it. 

I’ve now gone back to my Rose Trellis project.

 I was close to finishing it but took a break  in frustration,when I came across yet another missing stitch. There’s a lot of yarn overs in the pattern and it’s easy to miss one. 

After fixing the mistake I’m on my way again. 

More pictures to follow. 

I’ve also got some gorgeous new lace weight yarn on the way which I cant wait to show off. I’d love some suggestions for shawl patterns?

🌼The Craft Room

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted. So, what have I been up to? Well, lots of gaming- Twilight Princess HD took up several weeks. I also finished Links Awakening DX. Some amazing tv shows (latest GOT anyone? ) , a few great novels and of course knitting. 

In May we went camping to the Brecon Beacons. We saw the highest waterfall in Wales 

 and climbed a mountain! 

The main big change is that I have moved house. In April we found a lovely place and we made the move at the end of May. 

As it’s a 3 bed property I now have my very own craft room. 

 It’s still a WIP. The TV isn’t permanent, I just set it up for some retro gaming. I need some more storage and a desk for the sewing machine, but my yarn finally has a home. 


Now that we are settled in I’ve been carrying on with Hiraeth. 

I’m on the third & final section. Drops Lace has been a dream to knit with again.  I’m  definitely hooked on shawls now! 

I’m still hoping to finish / frog all my UFOS this year. I want to make plans for existing yarn, knit up all my kits and plan a few projects for the house.  

💖Exciting times! 💖

Heart cowl

Some of you may remember the heart eyelet wrap I started making some time ago. Well I rediscovered it again when requisitioning my 4mm needles for another project.
I’ve cast off and joined the two ends to create a cowl.



It’s soft and delicate and will hopefully bring some sunshine to the winter days ahead.

I’ve amassed quite a few “kits” from my let’s knit magazines over the years. I’m super excited about this kit. I really want the knit your own dinosaur book!!

I get a lot of kits I’m not interested in though, the yarn from these just gets added to my stash .

What do you think of magazine kits & What do you do with your unwanted kit yarn?

In other news…

I have started up the granny square blanket again. I spent an evening weaving in ends on all the squares I’d made. Then joined them into the main piece. It’s now wide enough for our bed. I’m trying to weave as I go this time.


I’ve taken a break from the rose trellis vest as I won’t need it until next spring/summer. I’ve dropped a stitch somewhere and a rip back may be necessary.

I have also cast on a shawl for myself, I really enjoyed using Drops lace on itaca a couple of years ago. It’s soft and beautiful and lovely to knit with.
This time I’m making hiraeth. It’s a lovely textured shawl which starts in bee stitch.


I now need to come up with plans for 2016.
What are your knitting plans for the new year?

Jewel Glittens

After going through my ‘nice yarns’ stash bag. I found this lovely Drops Delight 4ply.


I’ve been wanting to make myself a pair of proper mittens or gloves for ages. I’ve only ever made mitts in the past like these


I love my super chunky alpaca mitts and they are really warm despite having no fingers.


The navy ones are far too big in the hand fit although the colour combo is amazing (I may remake these!)

Many moons ago before I even knitted (was there such a time?)
I had a pair of fingerless gloves with a little flap that turned them into mittens. That was my inspiration for these.

Apparently they call them “Glittens”…love it!

It was almost impossible to find a pattern that suited both my yarn & needles so I searched for an adaptable ‘basics’ pattern. 
Enter with Mittens 101. A bit of measuring and some calculations and I was away. The pattern uses waste yarn for the thumb, which is a new technique to me ; but I like it!


Waste yarn on the palm for making the mitten flap.



Here’s the 2nd mitten, I love how vivid the cuff is on this one.


After both gloves were done. I removed the palm waste yarn & started the ‘conversion’

Ta da!



Super happy with these and I’ve already cast on another pair!

Coming Soon
My Glittens Pattern

I’m just perfecting the pattern and reading it through for errors. I’ll publish it here very soon!

New F.O


So here’s another hat from the same She Makes Hats pattern being modelled by yours truly.
Its made from Drops Lima which is 65% wool & 35% alpaca.


Its actually for A, as a few weeks ago he proclaimed ‘you never make me anything’. 
I’m so pleased because he LOVES it …hurray! 
He’s wearing it (indoors) right now.
I am considering doing a stash bust for 2015 so I will be forced make use of all the lovely yarn I have. I don’t know about any of you… but sometimes I buy nice stuff & just hoard it.

Happy Yarnings!

Un capello amici

I finished the Italy hat!


Its looking pretty good for my first attempt at vertical stripes. The pattern was from “She Makes Hats”, its a great simple ribbed beanie. I made it flat rather than in the round so its pretty versatile. No reason for that really except I cast on the hat before I fully decided which pattern to use.

I’ve decided to carry on making squares for my blanket,  after a good long break from it I’m now finding loads of colour combinations I hadn’t thought of before.

I’ve liberated some yarn from a few “kits” which I won’t use otherwise (baby hats etc..) and I’m onto about 25 squares now. I’ll have to stop for a “weaving in” session soon but I’m not looking forward to it :/



Autumn is upon us, bare trees and crunchy leaves. Cold blue days and dark evenings indoors. Its a beautiful season and I’ll be taking lots of pictures like these to capture the full pallet.


Last month while it was still technically summer, we went on our annual September jaunt. This time we branched further afield to Somerset.


Poole Bridge campsite is situated right in a valley with a river running through it and plenty of rambling country nearby.
We stayed for 4 nights to make it worthwhile as the drive there took 4.5 hours (and the drive back took 7!! )


The site was gorgeous, very quiet and the owners were super friendly but were only there twice a day or sometimes not at all!

The only problem we had was the fox which kept trying to steal our food! We’d already seen the sign about the marauding ninja squirrels (I’m not kidding!) but this fox really wanted in. One night I made the mistake of leaving a pack of teabags out after dark and she made off with them! 40 teabags ruined with fox slobber!



On day 2 we decided to walk into the nearby village of Porlock. Let’s just say I think we took the long way round. About 1.5 hrs trip and some of the steepest hills I’ve encountered. After avoiding eye contact with some cows and accidentally startling a grouse we made it to the village.



This is The Ship Inn on Porlock High St. I had two pints of gorgeous Pear Rattler cider which really hit the spot after that walk. OH had Cheddar Gorge, an incredibly strong looking orangey cider.

The walk back was shorter but so much harder. It took that record for steepest hills I’ve ever encountered and stomped on it!! My knees & thighs were screaming as were everyone else’s. We stopped midway for a rest and I was so tired I didn’t even care that the log I was sitting on was covered in spiders!
Needless to say the next day we had a chilled day at the site.



On day 3 we visited the pebble beach at Porlock Weir.



It was a gogeous view as you can see and well worth a visit.
All in all a wonderful holiday.



Actually not much new on the knitting front. This is an Italy hat I’m knitting for a former colleague. My leaving finally prompted him to buy the yarn but try as I might I couldn’t quite finish it for my last day.
Think I’ll whip up a side of mittens with that! This is my first attempt at vertical striped rib, its not looking too bad at all.
Other than that I haven’t done that much apart from carry on with the heart eyelet wrap.
I’ve been distracted from new projects by the return of Walking Dead, Homeland and AHS, plus when we went on holiday I got back into Animal Crossing…where’s a girl supposed to fit it all in??

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Well hello there lovelies…
So as you know its the end of June already…when did that happen?

World Cup fever has been and gone for me(tip- a pessimist is never disappointed)and Wimbledon is upon us.
The problem with this… is that is severely impacts my knitting. Oh I get a project out alright,  I hold it in my hands…poised…for the duration of the match because I can’t miss a shot!
I do love my tennis. Shame I’m working the whole tournament cos I booked the wrong week off.

Still working on the heart eyelet wrap..or trying to.


Its looking great, I’m really loving the yarn. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this already but its just so pretty and soft.


I really want several more skeins in several more colours. I don’t have much ‘summer’ yarn really so I’d like to stock up.

In direct contrast to this I’ve realised recently,  as many knitters do, that I have a serious stash problem.
I did well using up my scraps bag on the granny squares but I need to do more.

Therefore I think I will have to do a stashbusting exercise. 
Although this is going to take some planning, it helps that my stash is now in some semblance of order.
More on that story later…

Other Projects

•The navy sweater is in hibernation… for now
• The granny squares I will keep on making as part of the stashbust


I’ve done a few no sew tshirt alterations.  I have many awesome promo tshirts from my retail days but they are always mens fit.

I hate the necklines on most mens tshirts so I’ve been cutting them off for a more feminine fit.
I’ve also made this slightly too big girls one fit better by cutting lines into the back pulling the loops through eachother.

I fashioned this loose fit vest out of an old skirt.

I got the method from a Pinterest tutorial, its very loose and I just tie it at the back. It only works with another vest underneath but I do like it.

I’ve made a new Pinterest board for sewing and customization to keep track of all the awesome ideas out there.
Lack of cash has given me this push to make the unwearable…. wearable. I’ve been trying to customise my clothed since I was a kid, I think I’m finally getting good at it! 

March Musings

Its Spriiiiiiiing!

Last week we finally got some sunshine and blue skies after a grey rainy winter. The daffodils are in full bloom and the days feel that little bit warmer.  I’m already imagining all our summer ramblings!

Right now as per the last post I am still “finishing off” – the balaclava is the main thing right now. I’m loving being involved in the project and I’m highly impressed with all the gorgeous garments that have been produced. I believe I’m on the list for another small project for them but its not confirmed yet. There are a lot of members and only on or two wonderful ladies organizing which projects go to who and when they need to be completed. Its a big job and I don’t envy them.

I think a lack of confidence often stops me getting involved in ventures like this, I always worry I will let people down by not finishing on time or not being up to standard.

I do feel like all the knitters working on Tell Them of Us must think I’m super slow at this – its taken quite a while and I’m not finished one yet…there was talk of me doing two! Last years achievements helped to boost me, I can’t believe I did all that in a year! There’s no structured plan for 2014 but I have a few ideas…


I’d like to become competent with my machine – last year I learned to thread it but haven’t been back since. The lack of a proper desk probably doesnt help but I bought two sewing books this weekend and I’m raring to make things.

I’m going to start with cushion covers, I have some fabric and applique ready to make some standard square cushions. One of my new books has a fab pattern for cloud shaped cushions -OH has suggested making them in block colours rather than the florals in the book. There’s some new blue & white cotton for this one.


Eventually I’d love to be good enough to make my own clothes and like GBSB’s Chinello…I’d love to whip up a dress for a night out instead of trawling the shops.
I’d also like to acquire some better sewing supplies, threads, a new tape measure, shears etc
Speaking of GBSB, how beautiful was Lyndas shawl this week?
Turns out it was made by her daughter from a pattern by Carina Spencer.
Here’s a blog post she did about it Lyndas GBSB Shawl


I want to get into tunisian crochet. I’ve watched a tutorial and it seems easy enough. Its like a strange combination of crochet and knitting, its done with a long crochet hook (sometimes with a cable on the end) and unlike crochet the stitches stay on the hook as you work across. Then you go back the other way and work each stitch dropping it off the hook until you are back to just one. I probably havent explained it overly well so here’s a vid

Tunisian Crochet Tutorial

I found it when I was looking for inspiration for my blanket project – I want to make a big Nintendo themed blanket for my bed. Possibly just one image but possibly lots of panels. Tunisian Crochet stitches turn out square so they’re great for working from grid charts.
I was highly I inspired by this blanket from Gege Crochet
Nintendo Blanket
But a quick google image search reveals so many amazing pieces.

I’ll be needing a hook and a yarn that comes in a wide number of shades – I havent decided what kind of fibre yet. I could go for a light bamboo/cotton or a wool based yarn.  Its gonna be a long haul that one though, could go well into 2015.


Knitting-wise I want to pick up speed. I’m trying to master continental style, I’ve got the knit stitch down but the purl is still giving me trouble.

I’m determined to have Miriam finished at least in time for Autumn (its only been 3 years or so!) I’m currently midway through picking up the neckband.

At some point I’ll be changing Paige as I really don’t like the fit, I may alter it or I may frog and reclaim the yarn. Its not a shaped sweater but I think thats the problem, its not really a style I normally wear.

I’m still midway through sock number 1 on my Zig Zag Rainbow Socks, the warming weather means I may not feel like going back to these for a bit although they are a great portable project so you never know.

After sorting out my stash I now want to start assigning yarn to projects -its a great way to de-stash as it quickly sorts out what stuff you’re never going to use. Plus it will give me an exciting queue of projects to work on instead of some random ideas floating around in my head!

Well thems the plans but we’ll see how many come to fruition, being creatively organised is not my forte.

I’m like a magpie with shiny things when it comes to new projec…OOH SHINY!

Happy Yarnings! x