Itty Bitty Bunnies and more!


Its been some time since Ive written a post. I’ve made some progress on the Miriam Cardigan, one sleeve and left front panels are done. Currently working on the second sleeve. I had been in a bit of a slump the last few weeks, plugging away at my cardigan but not much else.


I’ve now started using Pinterest, which is a virtual pinboard. It allows you to create your own themed pin boards of pictures and/or videos and share them with other users. Users can comments on pictures, “like” them and repin them to their own boards . People use it to plan events and such but I just like sharing great content, a picture is worth a thousand words as they say. I’ll be using it to help with my inspiration from now on.

Last week I stumbled across the Tiny Baby Bunnies competition at Mochimochi Land. The pattern is free and the idea is to take the most creative photos of your bunny/ies and submit them via Flickr. I started on some this week. As you can see they are adorable, and highly addictive

Following along the theme for tiny things, I checked out Catherine Hirsts “Teeny Tiny Crochet” from the library.
Its 35 tiny projects, some using embroidery floss and hooks as small as 1.5mm! I have so far made the Wee Basket of Carrots and Robin Red Breast with Nest. I’m loving this, I feel like Ive got my yarn mojo back!

And finally…I’d love to know how anyone has fared with my Fraggle Pattern, if any of you have tried it please share your pics with me on twitter @epicyarns.

Fraggle Amigurumi Pattern

So I have finally got my Fraggle Amigurumi pattern ready.
The pattern gives you the basics of how to make the Fraggle doll leaving you free to customise as you please. As you can see I ended up making another Fraggle whilst I was writing up the pattern, not sure who she is though!
Please let me know what you think of the pattern and share your photos of finished Fraggles. I’d love to see them! If you like the pattern, tell your friends and spread the word! Any problems at all, please get in touch and I will do my best to help you out.


Fraggle Pattern

I’ve been “Cuteabled”!

Some exciting news!

On Monday 4th July the Epicyarns shop was featured on
Cuteable is run by Lynsey and Matt and is a self described
“Mon-Fri treasure trove of cute for you and your home”
Lynsey also sells recycled and upcycled items on Etsy and Folksy.
You can find her craft blog here

The featured item was none other than Akiko

my lovely kitty who is still looking for a new home. I’m so grateful to Lynsey for featuring one of my creations, it really made my day .

Though I’ve been busier than usual this week I’ve been off work so that has definitely freed up some extra time for crafting.
Last week I was commissioned to make Cthulhu in purple for someone to give as a birthday gift. He sprang to life fairly quickly, after some doodling and umming and aahing over the exact shade I should use.
I opted for a plummy colour and got to work.
And here are the results!

I’m really happy with him and hope he’s not TOO cute for his new owner. I’ve managed to make a note of the basics of the pattern this time, as some of you may know I am pretty terrible at keeping notes while I’m designing so this is a plus for me! I’ll be perfecting the notes into a legible pattern asap.

Yesterday I started work on my own Totoro pattern and came up with these little wonders

Tiny Totoro!
I’m making an army of them in loads of different colours. These will be on sale shortly so watch this space! If you would like to request a particular colour please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Finally just a quick reminder you can get 10% off an item from my shop or custom commission (tiny totoros included!) by coming up with a winning name for this little guy

Thats all for now, I’m off to create my army!
Lots of Love

Sunday Spectacular…or my works in progress

As promised here is a update on what’s on my needles right now.

I’m currently knitting a pair of white and pink Hello Kitty mittens. As you can see they are on four double pointed needles.
For those unfamiliar with the technique it involves using a fifth needle to knit each set of stitches in turn continuing around in a circle.
This means I will be knitting in a tube shape rather than as a flat piece. The advantage of this being there will be no seams to sew up at the end.

I am still undecided about the final design but that’s
nothing new!
More pics to come of these as they develop.

And on the hook….

The beginnings of a lovely Basset Hound, as you can see he’s looking very cute indeed. He’s a commission from someone at work but now I’ve got four doggy noses I think I will have
to make some more canine critters.
Any suggestions for puppies to make would be welcome, include pics though because I’m terrible with dog breeds!

Here be monsters…

This fiery red and yellow dragon is my latest commission. I’d had some trouble with the design but once that was sorted he came together fairly fast.

I’m about to start working on the design for another commission soon and I’ve got a few idead whirling around for other projects.

Watched “My Neighbour Totoro” the other day so I’ve got renewed enthusiasm to make all 3 Totoro’s although this will take some planning. In the meantime I’m going to have a go at making some “dust bunnies”. As seen here with Mei from “My Neighbour Totoro”

“You and me, me and you, both of us together! “

Welcome Mike Wazowski!
I made him for a colleagues birthday and she loves him!
I’m really pleased with how he turned out though this was another “no plan” project.
I knew basically what I wanted so I just picked up the hook and went with it. This way he’s one of a kind (although I’d happily make him again if asked! hint hint).

Currently working on a red and yellow dragon for someone. Its coming along but the design isnt finalised, now thats one I had to plan. I’d never though of doing one before and there are so many different varieties it was hard to know where to start. However thats now sorted out and I have a design sketch to work from; and a whole load of ideas for different types of dragon to make!

C is for Cookie

Pic of my latest project, Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. I was asked to make him by a work colleague and he’s been very well received!
I think he’s adorable, he just needs a little velvet smoking jacket for when he does Monsterpiece Theatre!

Starting work on a new project tonight, I’ve got several ideas swirling around so we’ll see how inspiration strikes later.