Hiraeth Shawl

I’ve finally finished it!


Here it is blocking on the craft room floor. 

Although I’ve knit with this yarn before, I didnt block my last project. 😕

 I was surprised by just how much the yarn stretched when it got wet. It was quite scary as I worried I’d ruin it.

In the end it’s turned out really well and all the little errors I fretted about arent really visible when I’m wearing it. 

I’ve now gone back to my Rose Trellis project.

 I was close to finishing it but took a break  in frustration,when I came across yet another missing stitch. There’s a lot of yarn overs in the pattern and it’s easy to miss one. 

After fixing the mistake I’m on my way again. 

More pictures to follow. 

I’ve also got some gorgeous new lace weight yarn on the way which I cant wait to show off. I’d love some suggestions for shawl patterns?


🌼The Craft Room

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted. So, what have I been up to? Well, lots of gaming- Twilight Princess HD took up several weeks. I also finished Links Awakening DX. Some amazing tv shows (latest GOT anyone? ) , a few great novels and of course knitting. 

In May we went camping to the Brecon Beacons. We saw the highest waterfall in Wales 

 and climbed a mountain! 

The main big change is that I have moved house. In April we found a lovely place and we made the move at the end of May. 

As it’s a 3 bed property I now have my very own craft room. 

 It’s still a WIP. The TV isn’t permanent, I just set it up for some retro gaming. I need some more storage and a desk for the sewing machine, but my yarn finally has a home. 


Now that we are settled in I’ve been carrying on with Hiraeth. 

I’m on the third & final section. Drops Lace has been a dream to knit with again.  I’m  definitely hooked on shawls now! 

I’m still hoping to finish / frog all my UFOS this year. I want to make plans for existing yarn, knit up all my kits and plan a few projects for the house.  

💖Exciting times! 💖

An old favourite

The last few weeks I’ve been gaming a lot,  Yoshi’s Woolly World has consumed most of my time. It’s so much fun!

I have made a fair bit of progress on Hiraeth though.


This striped section goes on for a while now . The yarn is so delicate that all the imperfections scream out at me, but it’s also soft and gorgeous. Plus I’m hoping when the shawl is worn those areas will seem less obvious.

I also revisited a favorite pattern recently. Mochimochiland’s Tiny Baby Bunnies. You might remember I first made them in 2012 for the Mochimochiland photo contest


Bunny 1.0 has embroidered eyes


Bunny 2.0 has bead eyes and a couple of extra rows which gives him a more defined muzzle.

I made them both for a work colleague to keep her company after I moved desks (taking my mini soot sprite & pink totoro with me)

It’s such a fab pattern, I love Mochimochiland!

Start as you mean to go on

Happy New Year to you all!

It’s 2016 – I can’t quite believe it.

I’m looking forward with excitement to all the woolly projects for the year to come.

I’m still working on Hiraeth. I’ll very soon reach 124 stitches which means it’s time to change colour and do the next section. I’m very tempted to get out my hank of purple Drops lace for this. I might even use the blue as well and make it a tri-colour affair.


Some of you may have seen that I got the game Yoshi’s Woolly World for Christmas. It’s making me want to knit everything in it!


I’m also planning on sorting through my many UFOs to decide what to finish and what to frog.
I would like to pick a few new projects  to start off the year. My bundle of magazines should help with this. What are your knitting/crochet plans for 2016?

Heart cowl

Some of you may remember the heart eyelet wrap I started making some time ago. Well I rediscovered it again when requisitioning my 4mm needles for another project.
I’ve cast off and joined the two ends to create a cowl.



It’s soft and delicate and will hopefully bring some sunshine to the winter days ahead.

I’ve amassed quite a few “kits” from my let’s knit magazines over the years. I’m super excited about this kit. I really want the knit your own dinosaur book!!

I get a lot of kits I’m not interested in though, the yarn from these just gets added to my stash .

What do you think of magazine kits & What do you do with your unwanted kit yarn?

In other news…

I have started up the granny square blanket again. I spent an evening weaving in ends on all the squares I’d made. Then joined them into the main piece. It’s now wide enough for our bed. I’m trying to weave as I go this time.


I’ve taken a break from the rose trellis vest as I won’t need it until next spring/summer. I’ve dropped a stitch somewhere and a rip back may be necessary.

I have also cast on a shawl for myself, I really enjoyed using Drops lace on itaca a couple of years ago. It’s soft and beautiful and lovely to knit with.
This time I’m making hiraeth. It’s a lovely textured shawl which starts in bee stitch.


I now need to come up with plans for 2016.
What are your knitting plans for the new year?

A whole lotta yarn

Hello lovelies

It’s been far too long and I have some projects to share. This little cutie is my new ipod pouch (yes I still use a separate music device!). My earphones gave up the ghost because of me winding them around the ipod. So when the new ones arrived I decided to make a case big enough to fit both in comfortably. As usual I started crocheting with no plan in mind. The stripes were supposed to be horizontal but I changed my mind after doing a few rows. I’m really happy with how’s it’s turned out.


My holiday project this year was a nice chunky scarf


We went to Nantcol Waterfalls campsite in North Wales. It was a lovely trip despite a full night and day of rain.


I’ve also finally found a project for my Sirdar Rio DK, I picked up this yarn in the Red Cross shop for £4. The pattern I’m using is Rose Trellis Shawl Vest by Vera Sanon


This is the main thing I have been working on for the last few months. The complexity of the pattern combined with some particularly exciting episodes of Boardwalk Empire meant several rip backs and at one point 2 weeks without knitting at all!.
I plan to add some sleeves to make it more of a cardigan, not really sure what type so all suggestions welcome.

At the start of the year I decided to hand make birthday gifts for all my closest friends. It started well however due to poor planning and a dearth of ideas I’m sad to say I haven’t managed it.
I just wanted to share my favourite one of these projects with you and apologise to my other friends for the gifts that never were.