A bit about me…

Hi there! My name is Shonnah and I love to make…
My partner A and I live on the beautiful Wirral peninsula with our bearded dragon Leela. A puts up with my knitting obsession surprisingly well, even though yarn makes up 99% of our room. And he pretends to listen to knitting talk almost as well as I pretend to listen to football talk. It’s a perfect match!

I’ve been knitting since around 2006 having picked up the needles on a whim one day. My nana taught me the basics when I was little so after a few quick refesher tutorials I was ready to go. I bought myself some yarn and a big bunch of 2nd hand needles.

I started off making scarves and simple things. I built up a huge collection of magazines and patterns.
I found I liked to adapt patterns to suit my preferences, I learned about tension the hard way!
I amassed an enormous yarn stash, if I liked the colour I had to have some. Its taking over my bedroom!

I fell in love with toy making after making a mouse by Alan Dart. I’d been trying for some time to master crochet but the thought of making adorable amigurumi toys spurred me on. I made toys for friends and colleagues.

I wanted to start selling my hand made toys online at Folksy and started this blog to kick start me into doing so and then share my work with as many people as possible.

As I’ve gained more experience and gotten more involved with the online community I’ve been inspired to broaden my horizons. I’ve taken a break from thinking about selling and am concentrating on honing the craft and enjoying myself

In January 2013 I started the 2013 Challenge in which I learn a new knitting or crochet technique each month. I’m also working on the Weather Scarf in which I knit two rows a day. The colour depends on what days highest temperature is.

I knit lots of different things, mainly accessories like bags, scarves, hats etc. I prefer smaller projects to larger ones but that’s because i can have several on the go at once!
I love making amigurumi and am hugely influenced by Japanese characters such as Sanrio, Nintendo and Studio Ghibli.
I think its the bright colours that attract me, colour plays a huge part in my yarn work. I’ve often bought yarn just because of the colour with no thought of what to do with it!

“Making the world more colourful one stitch at a time”


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