It’ll be simple she said…

A Classic Mans T-shirt… easy right?

Yeah that’s what I thought when I said I’d make it. After working with woven, going back to jersey was …challenging. To clarify the pattern and instructions were fantastic and not the cause of any of my issues

It started when I cut out the pattern pieces before realising I should have added some extra length just in case. Oops.

The neckband was a breeze, its the bit of this project I’m most proud of.

Cut the fabric on the bias and it turned out so much better than previous tops where I hadnt. Lies flat and doesnt look stretched.

The side seems were the start of my machine issues. Had to rethread several times and change the needle – can you believe this is the first time I realised my packs of jersey needles were different sizes????? 😳Settled on a 90/14 from looking at advice online.

Setting in the sleeves went really well, first time I’ve done this. It was easier than I thought.

Problems re occurred when I came to do the hems. The zig zag stitches look straight and the contrasting thread I was using really showed up the poor stitching.

Had to unpick the whole lot. Sadly some slight fabric damage 😔

Redid them in a closer matching thread which looks much better. Still not sure what’s going on with the machine but to be fair it does need replacing. All in all there’s a lot of positives to take from this project and I would definitely make it again. Best of all, A is really happy with it. And isnt the most important thing? ❤❤❤

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