Rainbow Connection 🌈

Squeeeee! My new yarn arrived! Its 100% lambswool and so pretty. I bought it from eBay and I’m currently drying a tension square of it on the craft room floor. 

It’s nice to knit with and feels softer after blocking. I still haven’t decided what to make with it yet; but it comes in a lot of yummy colours so I can see myself buying more in future. 

I’m very close to finishing the main body of the Rose Trellis Cardigan. Then it’s time to do some improv & add sleeves. 

Wish me luck 💕


Hiraeth Shawl

I’ve finally finished it!


Here it is blocking on the craft room floor. 

Although I’ve knit with this yarn before, I didnt block my last project. 😕

 I was surprised by just how much the yarn stretched when it got wet. It was quite scary as I worried I’d ruin it.

In the end it’s turned out really well and all the little errors I fretted about arent really visible when I’m wearing it. 

I’ve now gone back to my Rose Trellis project.

 I was close to finishing it but took a break  in frustration,when I came across yet another missing stitch. There’s a lot of yarn overs in the pattern and it’s easy to miss one. 

After fixing the mistake I’m on my way again. 

More pictures to follow. 

I’ve also got some gorgeous new lace weight yarn on the way which I cant wait to show off. I’d love some suggestions for shawl patterns?