Heart cowl

Some of you may remember the heart eyelet wrap I started making some time ago. Well I rediscovered it again when requisitioning my 4mm needles for another project.
I’ve cast off and joined the two ends to create a cowl.



It’s soft and delicate and will hopefully bring some sunshine to the winter days ahead.

I’ve amassed quite a few “kits” from my let’s knit magazines over the years. I’m super excited about this kit. I really want the knit your own dinosaur book!!

I get a lot of kits I’m not interested in though, the yarn from these just gets added to my stash .

What do you think of magazine kits & What do you do with your unwanted kit yarn?

In other news…

I have started up the granny square blanket again. I spent an evening weaving in ends on all the squares I’d made. Then joined them into the main piece. It’s now wide enough for our bed. I’m trying to weave as I go this time.


I’ve taken a break from the rose trellis vest as I won’t need it until next spring/summer. I’ve dropped a stitch somewhere and a rip back may be necessary.

I have also cast on a shawl for myself, I really enjoyed using Drops lace on itaca a couple of years ago. It’s soft and beautiful and lovely to knit with.
This time I’m making hiraeth. It’s a lovely textured shawl which starts in bee stitch.


I now need to come up with plans for 2016.
What are your knitting plans for the new year?

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