Jewel Glittens

After going through my ‘nice yarns’ stash bag. I found this lovely Drops Delight 4ply.


I’ve been wanting to make myself a pair of proper mittens or gloves for ages. I’ve only ever made mitts in the past like these


I love my super chunky alpaca mitts and they are really warm despite having no fingers.


The navy ones are far too big in the hand fit although the colour combo is amazing (I may remake these!)

Many moons ago before I even knitted (was there such a time?)
I had a pair of fingerless gloves with a little flap that turned them into mittens. That was my inspiration for these.

Apparently they call them “Glittens”…love it!

It was almost impossible to find a pattern that suited both my yarn & needles so I searched for an adaptable ‘basics’ pattern. 
Enter with Mittens 101. A bit of measuring and some calculations and I was away. The pattern uses waste yarn for the thumb, which is a new technique to me ; but I like it!


Waste yarn on the palm for making the mitten flap.



Here’s the 2nd mitten, I love how vivid the cuff is on this one.


After both gloves were done. I removed the palm waste yarn & started the ‘conversion’

Ta da!



Super happy with these and I’ve already cast on another pair!

Coming Soon
My Glittens Pattern

I’m just perfecting the pattern and reading it through for errors. I’ll publish it here very soon!



  1. atangledyarn84 · January 4, 2015

    I would knit that pattern!

    • epicyarns · January 4, 2015

      Well its almost ready , I think I need to add some photos to clarify the sewing up instructions though. I’m not very experienced in writing up patterns that make sense to other people haha

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