Yarnings and Sewings

Well hello lovelies,  I’ve been a bit silent on the blog front the last few months but I’ve got things to show you!!!



I’ve joined all my granny squares together and the blanket is resting in one of my project bags until I feel like making more.


The heart wrap is still in progress although I haven’t picked it up in a little while.


This is Patrick, he was a present for my sisters uni results.  I haven’t made an ami in a while but I really enjoyed whipping him up!

I got a new book called Crocheted Wild Animals and have started on one of the critters.  He’s coming along really well, here’s an early picture. 


As usual I had to make the colouring a bit more jazzy!

Here’s a swatch of cabling I started. I’m using Rico Micro Creative DK, its the same yarn I used for my chunky bangle.
The yarn has great stitch definition and really works for cables.




This week I got some new throws and a couple a bargain cushion covers. The palm tree and the watercolour ones are from La Redoute. The purple one, I made today.

I’m immensely proud of this one, its the first time I’ve ever put a zip in and I think it looks pretty good.


Then there’s the cute little mushrooms in the top corner! Get them here


So many projects so little time! There is still more things in the pipeline because ( as I’m sure you know if you read regularly) I always have a billion things on the go at once. I’m really enjoying making stuff for the house right now and I’ve been very inspired of late. Who knows where it could lead? Thats half the fun!! I share a lot of my daily inspiration and lovely stuff from the web on my facebook page so please show me some “like” here
Til next time


  1. Sarah · September 8, 2014

    They all look great!

    • epicyarns · September 8, 2014

      Thanks so much!!

      • Sarah · September 8, 2014

        You’re welcome!

      • epicyarns · September 8, 2014

        I’ve just realised I wasn’t following your blog! I swear I followed when you announced the changeover- I’ll have to catch up!

      • Sarah · September 8, 2014

        It’s fine! I accidentally unfollowed somebody the other day (darn touch screens).

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