Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Well hello there lovelies…
So as you know its the end of June already…when did that happen?

World Cup fever has been and gone for me(tip- a pessimist is never disappointed)and Wimbledon is upon us.
The problem with this… is that is severely impacts my knitting. Oh I get a project out alright,  I hold it in my hands…poised…for the duration of the match because I can’t miss a shot!
I do love my tennis. Shame I’m working the whole tournament cos I booked the wrong week off.

Still working on the heart eyelet wrap..or trying to.


Its looking great, I’m really loving the yarn. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this already but its just so pretty and soft.


I really want several more skeins in several more colours. I don’t have much ‘summer’ yarn really so I’d like to stock up.

In direct contrast to this I’ve realised recently,  as many knitters do, that I have a serious stash problem.
I did well using up my scraps bag on the granny squares but I need to do more.

Therefore I think I will have to do a stashbusting exercise. 
Although this is going to take some planning, it helps that my stash is now in some semblance of order.
More on that story later…

Other Projects

•The navy sweater is in hibernation… for now
• The granny squares I will keep on making as part of the stashbust


I’ve done a few no sew tshirt alterations.  I have many awesome promo tshirts from my retail days but they are always mens fit.

I hate the necklines on most mens tshirts so I’ve been cutting them off for a more feminine fit.
I’ve also made this slightly too big girls one fit better by cutting lines into the back pulling the loops through eachother.

I fashioned this loose fit vest out of an old skirt.

I got the method from a Pinterest tutorial, its very loose and I just tie it at the back. It only works with another vest underneath but I do like it.

I’ve made a new Pinterest board for sewing and customization to keep track of all the awesome ideas out there.
Lack of cash has given me this push to make the unwearable…. wearable. I’ve been trying to customise my clothed since I was a kid, I think I’m finally getting good at it!