I’m on cloud 9

The balaclava is done!


Its been a while in the making but I did it.
Now I’ve just got to post it off.

Haven’t done much other knitting whilst I’ve been powering through this project so Miriam still lies unfinished. ..I WILL complete it this year.

I did however whip up a tension square to test some bamboo yarn and then turned it into this adorable bow!


I love making use of my squares this way. I don’t know if other people keep theirs but I just note down the tension in my book. I got to test the yarns washability too as I dropped the bow into some melted butter whilst baking! Oops!
I hand washed it and let it dry naturally in the sun. The butter came out nicely and the bow holds its shape well now its been blocked. Haven’t decided whether its a hair clip or a brooch yet.


The Great British Sewing Bee is nearly over. I’m totally loving this years contestants. My money is on Chinello, her freehand approach and creative flair is inspiring! I’ve been constantly in awe of her skills. I also loved Lynda, so sad to see her go!
Last weekend I made use of my small fabric stash and whipped up a four layer suffolk puff brooch. In the centre is my first attempt at a fabric covered button. I had a union jack heart leftover from my GB tea cosy project in 2012 which I’ve covered in blue gingham cotton.


I’m really happy with how it’s turned out and I think my handsewing skills are improving.

I mentioned last time that I have fabric for cushion covers on standby. Well I took the plunge and made a cloud cushion from my Liberty sewing book.
Now I don’t have pattern paper nor could I be bothered going to the library to get the template printed and enlarged.
So I traced the small version from the book, taped 6 pieces of A4 together and enlarged the small clouds measurements by 400%. I cut out my cloud template and pinned it to my fabric.


I cut out two cloud shapes, one in blue and one in white.
I decided to hand sew the cushion partly because I was scared of wrecking my fabric in the machine.
I need a bit more practice at machining, especially curves. So I used backstitch,which I am now proficient at!



I had a bit of problem with the seams once the cushion was the right way round but a good press with the iron soon fixed that. Very important I’ve learned, press press press!
Et voila…

Its the comfiest pillow ever.
I’m going to make a few more in different colours to pile up on the bed. So pleased!!


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