Xmas, people…Xmas!!


Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful time, spent plenty of time with those you love and got all the things you wished for. We spent the day at home with OH’s brother and my brother & sister joining us for dinner. A good time was had by all and lots of lovely presents given including this gorgeous vintage book from my sister…


Now I know how to make a tie for my father! Haha!

This month I’ve mostly been making decorations and plans for next year. I started out making some Xmas tree decorations to sell on Folksy.

The idea was to use up all the Xmas yarn kits I’ve accumulated over the years as I don’t use red green and gold on our tree. I’d clearly left it too late and nothing came of the listings (note to self – unlist them!).



Whilst making them I was experimenting and came up with some nifty covers for Xmas baubles, they were so pretty that I decided to keep them.


I covered all our old silver baubles in crochet loveliness and then made a star for the top.



I was so pleased with how it all turned out…my very own handmade Christmas!


I even ended up using the first set of decorations I’d made, for a garland to hang our Xmas cards on. We usually just pin-up a piece of yarn (or string as the OH calls it!) but this year I made a crochet chain and threaded the decorations into it.


Next year I plan to make a wreath for the front door but I’ll be making a start a bit earlier than December 16th!

I’m still beavering away on the rainbow socks, am onto the foot of sock 1 now. It’s a slow project anyway and I’m not in any hurry to finish it. As long as I actually make sock 2 this time, I’ll be happy.

Haven’t touched the balaclava project this month although I’m going to try to finish it off in January and get the project and the leftover yarn back to the Wag Screen Team. I’m quite glad I didn’t commit to anything bigger but I know my own knitting speed and how easily I get distracted by other projects. I may whip up a few more small items for them before next November though.
It’s wonderful to be involved and I’ll be keeping an eye on the progress of all the other items and the film project itself even after I’ve submitted my items.

Last month of Weather Scarf this month!


It’s a massive scarf (luckily I’ve kept up with ends weaving in as I’ve gone along) but I am still behind on it. I’ve got all the temperatures written down for the weeks that I am missing so it’s a race against time to finish by Jan 1st!
Its been a fantastic project however knitting 2 rows each day is not as easy as it sounds…or maybe that’s just me!
Next time I’d like to use a more neutral palette and I might do crochet instead, maybe in the vein of Attic24.
In fact…I’m having an idea right now of doing granny squares that reflect the weeks or months temperatures…watch this space it’s a fleeting thought right now.


2014 will be the year I yarnbomb my own home…I’ve got loads of ideas for yarn based homewares and a massive stash to choose from although no doubt I’ll end up buying more! Its also going to be the year I master using my sewing machine.

My major project will be a blanket for our bed. Its going to be Nintendo themed I know that much. I’m toying with a few ideas and have found much inspiration on Pinterest.

I’ll also be getting the sewing machine out to make some new cushion covers for the living room. I have the fabric and some cute appliques ready…now I just need to get good with the machine!

I’d like to use January to finish off some of my WIPs including Miriam (my striped cardigan) and Lizzies Hello Kitty Amigurumi.

Happy New Year everyone, what are your plans for 2014?


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