Itaca has landed!

What a month November was!

Finished Itaca, my mum loved it and I’m looking forward to some honeymoon photos to see how it looks on.



**November Challenge**
Binding off with shell beads. It was so easy to do and I’m itching to do some more complicated beading!

The shawl came out beautiful and I may well make one for myself with other skein of Drops Lace I got.

I’ve cast on another pair of rainbow sox and have just finished the heel on sock number 1.
This is a nice portable project which I can take to work at weekends. I’m determined to finally finish a pair of socks for myself.


I’ve also become involved with the above project.
It started on Twitter with a call for knitters and now there’s a group of us beavering away on knitted items for this wonderful film.
More details about the film can be found here

I’m currently knitting a balaclava from an old booklet of soldiers comforts which was uploaded to the group Facebook page.


I’m using Rowan Pure Wool 4ply which is a dream to knit with and wonderfully soft.
It’s my first time using Rowan yarn and I’m very impressed.

My frugal nature means I don’t often buy expensive brands as I want a lot of yarn for my money. It’s been a learning curve of balancing quality with price over the years.
I buy a lot of King Cole because ,for me it fits the bill.

Whats your favourite great quality “budget” yarn?


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