Booktown and the wilds of Scotland

Hi lovelies, just a little update on what I’ve been up to.
Just got back from our holiday in Scotland. Those of you who know me will be aware I was going as I haven’t shut up about it for weeks!
It was amazing. We stayed at a campsite near* Wigtown. Its sort of midway between Dumfries and Stranraer.
*I have to point out it wasn’t really near anything, its truly out in the wilds.


We stayed in a little cabin called The Bothy. A bothy is an old term for a basic shelter which anyone could use.
It had a log burning stove, a couple of armchairs, a table and space for up to 7 people to sleep.



We had a fab time and went on several hikes.



We also visited Wigtown which is Scotlands National Booktown!



I took about 200 photos while I was away but I won’t bore you all by posting them here. The rest are uploaded to my personal Facebook page.

Here’s a few quick pics of what I’ve been up to craft wise. ..

Made lots of progress on Itaca, a four hr drive each way helped alot!

Started a new project, crochet collar and bow using Rico Creative Micro Dk.


Finally got that sewing machine! Hurrah.

I’m afraid I have to admit not picking up a new technique this month..unless you count learning how to set up and work a sewing machine. I’d like to if you’ll let me.
Til next time xx


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