UFO Rescue

So yet again its been a busy month….
I’ve pretty much just been working on Itaca and I’m just catching up on some rows for the Weather Scarf.
The recent heatwave has me using mostly orange and pink.


In June I learned Picot Edging which I applied to a Ufo of blanket squares from long ago. Turns out due to my lack of knowledge about tension at the time that the squares aren’t quite all the same size.
So I’m using crochet to fill the gaps and have now learned Popcorn Stitch. 

July Challenge Alert

This involves doing multiple trebles into one stitch then pulling the trebles together. Here’s a basic tutorial

Popcorn Stitch



I’m not sure where this project is going exactly, I’ve half an idea of lining the other side with fabric but that could change. I will probably use this blanket as a canvas for new stitch techniques though since Itaca has slowed me down in terms of number of projects on the go.
Wish I could get paid to make stuff all day!


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