2013 Challenge Update

So its been a little while since I posted. ..I’ve had very little knitting time and even less blogging time! My last two posts were written throughout June but I didn’t get round to publishing them until now.
As I may have mentioned I started a new job 3 months ago. So after a 4 weeks unemployment (in which I knitted & blogged constantly) I was thrown into full time hours and intensive training.
This has been a time of upheaval for me since I was made redundant after 8 years and the shop I worked in closed down. I’m now working in a very different industry but now the training is nearly over I’m starting to get back to normal.
So I’m still working om Itaca, it hasn’t grown much lately but I’m nearly up to the colour change.


The weather scarf is being hurriedly brought up to date (thank god for the internet!)and is looking good.


I haven’t started the GOT scarf yet, mainly because I swatched it and couldn’t figure out the technique and partly because Itaca is the priority.

Also…Animal Crossing New Leaf came out and its stealing my life!




  1. cleo14 · June 30, 2013

    Oh I love the colors of the weather scarf. That grey yarn is really pretty too. Good luck with your new job.

    • epicyarns · June 30, 2013

      Thank you! It is gonna be a scarf of Dr Who proportions (I.e massive!)

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