May I have some knitting time?

I’ve cast on Itaca, the Drops Lace is fabulous to knit with and feels super soft. Its growing every day and I’m fairly confident I’ll have it finished for November in time for the wedding.


Here’s a pic of this months progress on the Weather Scarf, its been a lot warmer lately as you can see.
A little reminder of the colour key with regards to what you can see here  : Blue =5-10c, Yellow= 11-15c and Green=16-20c.


I haven’t even started on the Game of Thrones illusion scarf yet due to concentrating so much on Itaca. Its on hold for now, although I will try and swatch it in June so I can at least say I’ve learned something new.
It was so much easier to fit knitting in when I was in my old comfortable job but I’m determined that I will get a new technique in each month even if I don’t finish a project.

I’ve recently been asked to make a baby blanket by someone at work so I’m looking for patterns for that too! I’m thinking of crocheting it and trying to include some new stitches so that I can count it as part of the 2013 Challenge.

I’ve also still got a Hello Kitty plush on my hook, its a freeform design though so I really need to sit down and plan it out. Only made one leg so far. I opted to crochet it as I thought it would be faster.

Going for another walk this weekend so I’ll be back with some pretty pictures before next week.



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