May I start something new?

Sorry for the slightly late post, I was waiting on some yarn to start this months challenges.
This month I’ve got two challenges. I don’t expect I’ll finish both items within the month but I’ll certainly have mastered the techniques.

The first technique I’ll be trying is knitting with laceweight yarn. I’m making Itaca by Stephen West.
Its a beautiful shawl which I’m making for my mum to wear on her wedding day.
I’ll be using Drops Lace in Off White and Royal Blue. This is on a deadline for November, I have no idea how long it will take me so I’ve decided to start straight away.
I spent much of today winding the skeins into balls and I’ve just cast on!


I’ll also be learning Illusion or Shadow knitting. I’m making this Game of Thrones Scarf for my other half. It creates a fabric where the image is only viewable from a certain angle by repeating rows in opposing colours.

In other news …
I’m still working on the weather scarf, we’ve had some warm weather lately so I’ve moved onto using green!


I finished the back piece of the Miriam cardigan, it now just needs sewing up, ends weaving and button bands.


6 thoughts on “May I start something new?

    1. I know eh? Moving on up with those colours! Its been cold the last two days though so I might be going back to blue again :-\
      Thanks I am super excited about Itaca. 🙂

    1. As soon as she said she was getting married I knew I had to make something. The wedding is in Cuba so its just the two of them going, she couldn’t stop talking about Itaca out of all the shawls we looked at!

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