Mars Défi – Entrelac

So the challenge for March is … Entrelac.
Entrelac is French for interlaced and its so called because of the woven effect it creates.

It involves continually turning the work and picking up stitches to create triangles and diamonds.

wpid-2013-02-26-14-05-26 (1)

The project is a gorgeous Messenger Bag (Pierre)from Lets Knit Issue 53. The magazine includes an Entrelac tutorial followed by the pattern.
I’ve always loved the look of Entrelac so I’m really happy I found this pattern.  I can always rely on my stash of magazines for the perfect project.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how quickly I’ve gotten the hang of this technique.



It knits up so fast and the texture is fantastic, I’m dreaming of making pillows and bedspreads in Entrelac now!

I am using two different shades of James C Brett Marble Chunky, alternating each row. They blend really well together and the yarn is stunning. There are some beautiful jewel tones in there.

I’m still working on the Weather Scarf, Miriam and I’m also working on a pattern for some owl mittens. I made a prototype pair but they are a bit small so I think I’ll unravel and try again. Pics and pattern to come!


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