February Challenge – Cables

The February Challenge is here! This month I’m going to master cables.

Cables are great for adding texture to your knitting and they look lovely. I’ve got a few projects in mind and if I have time I’ll make all of them but I’m starting with this one…

Wise Owl Hat from Knit Culture

I’m combining my love of owls (and lack of time to knit Kate Davies Owl Sweater!) with the challenge of cables!
I’ll be casting on with James C Brett Marble Chunky.


I can’t wait to start this project!

An update on the weather scarf…

We’ve had a cold spell as you can see, and more to come I hear. I can’t wait til spring when those greens and yellows come in.

Thought I’d also share with you a picture of an almost finished Miriam

It needs a neckband and buttons bands, and stitching up of course but its almost done!



  1. cleo14 · February 6, 2013

    I love the colours on Miriam. I probably said that before, but I still love them. What yarn is she?

    • epicyarns · February 6, 2013

      Thank you! Its King Cole Moods DK.
      I am so excited to finish it, been working on it since last Jan!

      • cleo14 · February 6, 2013

        Congrats on finishing it then!

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