Lyra – the first hurdle

Ok so I had finally realised this wasn’t going how its supposed to. I had way to many stitches and the pattern while visible in parts, didn’t match up in others. I ripped back about 5 rows and started again. Turns out I was right, I had been crocheting into the wrong stitches and spaces and ended up way off course. I could now see the pattern forming and the instructions made more sense to me.


So I finished the hat and (I’m really wishing I’d taken a photo now) it looked like a little gnome hat!
It was like a hat with another little hat on the top of it. Decreases were not gradual at all! Ripped back to a point before it started to look odd, tried it on. It was perfect except for a circular hole in the top.
I finished it off using double crochet stitches and decreasing but now its doesn’t look at all like its meant to.
It kinda looks like a very fitted beanie, I’m pretty sure its meant to be more like a beret.


As its only been 3 days since I started it , I think I will be ripping back again and starting from around row 3.

Well they don’t call it a challenge for nothing!!


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