Lyra- my January Challenge

Ok lovelies, as promised here are details of my challenge for January.
I will be doing at least one of these challenges per month.

The goal is simply to improve and widen my skills in both knitting and crochet.

This month I have chosen to crochet the hat from this set…
Lyra & Pan

I’ve made a lot of amigurumi and granny square projects but I’ve never done this kind of lacy effect before.
Its definately been challenging so far, I’ve had to rip back a few times and I’m never quite sure if its looking the way its supposed to.
It looks pretty though so I’m forging on.


The pattern calls for Rowan Pure Wool however I’m attempting to use up some of my already enormous stash of yarn for these challenges.
This time I’m using some Cygnett Aran I got from a charity shop. Its a nice quality acrylic yarn, the only complaint I would have is that the fibres split sometimes.
I’ve got 100g ball of each colour, if there’s enough left over then I’ll make the scarf in cream with purple trim.
More pics to come soon!


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