The First Cut is the Deepest

Having compared the sleeves of my Miriam cardigan I realised the ribbed cuffs were different sizes.
I think this stems from me knitting one with 3.25mm needles and one with 4mm needles. I have several pairs of similar looking bamboo needles!
I wondered how this could be fixed, a quick Google brought up several sites offering help.
I thought I’d share the technique with you…

If any of you have ever tried its very difficult to unravel knitting from the bottom up.
So, firstly I passed a knitting needle (3mm) through the stitches on the 2nd row of grey above the start of the ribbing


And (here comes the scary part) snipped a stitch below the needle, this allowed me to unravel the row catching the live stitches on the needle.
The ribbed section came away whole and

I was able to re-knit the cuff with the correct sized needles.

Et voila!


I Heart Sirdar Indie

Looking to expand my crochet skills after finishing Lyra I picked up a new magazine “Simply Crochet”. It has lots of beautiful patterns in it including the heart I used in my yarn bomb. I had a very small amount of Sirdar Indie left in my stash and I’ve been waiting for the right project for it.



I managed to make one heart decoration and a pretty chain bracelet.

My First Yarn Bomb!

Took a trip to Manchester this evening for a friends 30th, while packing my project back to keep me busy on the train I had a great idea…why not leave a yarn bomb behind?
On the way there I passed  “Chapel Street Park” and hung a rainbow heart from the fence



I hope its still there in the morning, I suppose I will have to ask my friend to go and check for me!

Presenting …Lyra



So the Lyra hat is finished, it was definately a challenge seeing as I had to rip it back a few times!
I’m really glad I persevered though.
I think its improved my crocheting skills, and my ability to read a crochet pattern.
I am most likely going to make the scarf (Pan) to match it however I haven’t started just yet.

The weather scarf is coming along nicely, its been pretty cold so lots of grey! I’m glad I decided to cut out the rain rows, it was a nice idea but hard to judge since rain can be so localized. When I’m stuck at work all day I’ve no idea what the weathers doing!

I’ve been making some more headway on Miriam (my striped cardigan ) this week. Working on the back piece now, I’ve shaped the arm holes so not too far off finishing it.

I would have posted sooner but its been a crazy week!
I’m thinking that Februarys challenge might be cables, project ideas will be forthcoming!

Weather Scarf- a year long project

Found this beauty via Max’s World who got it from Honey Nutbrowns

The idea is to knit a row each day which represents the maximum temperature in your area.
Its totally customizable since you assign the colours yourself and the scarf will look different for everyone who knits it.
Its such a wonderfully creative idea that I had to try it.

Here is my colour chart


Below 0 – Pale Blue
1-5 – Grey
6-10 – Bright Blue
11-15 Yellow
16-20 – Green
21-25 – Orange
26-30 – Pink
31+ – Red

I have decided to do two rows each day in knit 2, purl 2 rib.
Plus a row of rainbow yarn when it rains.
And as we’re already into January I looked up the maximum temperatures for the last 10 days.
Here is the scarf so far…


Lyra – the first hurdle

Ok so I had finally realised this wasn’t going how its supposed to. I had way to many stitches and the pattern while visible in parts, didn’t match up in others. I ripped back about 5 rows and started again. Turns out I was right, I had been crocheting into the wrong stitches and spaces and ended up way off course. I could now see the pattern forming and the instructions made more sense to me.


So I finished the hat and (I’m really wishing I’d taken a photo now) it looked like a little gnome hat!
It was like a hat with another little hat on the top of it. Decreases were not gradual at all! Ripped back to a point before it started to look odd, tried it on. It was perfect except for a circular hole in the top.
I finished it off using double crochet stitches and decreasing but now its doesn’t look at all like its meant to.
It kinda looks like a very fitted beanie, I’m pretty sure its meant to be more like a beret.


As its only been 3 days since I started it , I think I will be ripping back again and starting from around row 3.

Well they don’t call it a challenge for nothing!!

Lyra- my January Challenge

Ok lovelies, as promised here are details of my challenge for January.
I will be doing at least one of these challenges per month.

The goal is simply to improve and widen my skills in both knitting and crochet.

This month I have chosen to crochet the hat from this set…
Lyra & Pan

I’ve made a lot of amigurumi and granny square projects but I’ve never done this kind of lacy effect before.
Its definately been challenging so far, I’ve had to rip back a few times and I’m never quite sure if its looking the way its supposed to.
It looks pretty though so I’m forging on.


The pattern calls for Rowan Pure Wool however I’m attempting to use up some of my already enormous stash of yarn for these challenges.
This time I’m using some Cygnett Aran I got from a charity shop. Its a nice quality acrylic yarn, the only complaint I would have is that the fibres split sometimes.
I’ve got 100g ball of each colour, if there’s enough left over then I’ll make the scarf in cream with purple trim.
More pics to come soon!