A look back…and a look forward

Merry Christmas!! Hope you’ve all had a lovely day with your families.
As New Year now rapidly approaches I take a look back over my blog and realise just how much knitting I’ve done this year!
Ive taken a step back from trying to sell things and just enjoyed the craft. Its definately made a difference to my mojo (which as you may recall I worried I had lost!)
I’ve proved to myself that I can take on a challenging piece and really make something beautiful.


This Brandywine Falls shawl is one of my proudest achievements, plus it was just so …knittable!

I published my first pattern here earlier this year
Fraggle Amigurumi

This was the first time I had committed my patterns to paper, its actually really difficult to keep notes while your crocheting!
I hope a lot of people, have made a lot of Fraggles and I’d love to see them so please share them with me.

In January I started on the second try of the Miriam Cardigan project. Its a cardigan designed to use up odd balls and scraps, however I bought new yarn in complementary shades


I’ve made both sleeves and both front pieces, I’m working on the back piece now.
Its been a project I come back to when quicker knits are finished and once summer kicked in I was in no hurry to finish it. Its very close to being done now though, then comes the blocking and sewing (not my favourite bit but a necessary evil).

I’ve also bought a fair bit of yarn this year but not as much as I’d have liked to!
I got some terrific bargains on the Artesano and Manos which has definately given me the bug for luxury yarn!





Whilst it can be tempting to buy oodles of cheap yarn, sometimes there’s nothing like the feel of pure luxury.
For those of you on tight budgets like me, I’d recommend Ebay or trying out some of these “one ball” projects. Be warned though, you WILL fall in love with natural fibres and the endless possibilities of hand dyed yarn.

Spiral Rib Noro Hat ( Customizable)

One Skein Manos Scarf

Noro One Skein Hat

That’s just a few of the patterns available, for more just search Raverly.

And finally…
2013 will be a year for learning and teaching.
Each month I pledge to learn at least one new thing whether that be a stitch pattern, a technique, a new way of doing something or simply an item I’ve never made before.
I will also be setting up the tutorials section of this site so I can teach you something new too!


Join the fun!

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