Save a UFO today!


This pretty little number started life as a ball of King Cole Riot Dk. I fell in love with this yarn after seeing a King Cole advert in Lets Knit magazine. I had to have some. Only being able to afford one ball and being inexperienced in garments at the time, I opted to make this Cerulean Shrug
Its a very simple pattern with no shaping . Unfortunately I never quite liked the way it sat across my back and it sat unworn for same time.
A few months ago I unpicked the sleeve seems and flattened the piece back out again. I twisted the piece and sewed the two flat ends together like a Mobius strip (inspired this Laura Cruikshank pattern.)

It now makes a perfect little Mobius Cowl ,with the seemed edge and the back and the twist at the front.
I’m so happy to have saved a UFO from a life on the shelf!
What great examples of UFO saving do you have?


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