Summer of Yarn!

Well its not much of a summer so far… But there has been a lot of yarn.

I managed to treat myself to 500g of Artesano Super Chunky in Damson and 500g in Cream. This yarn is 50% alpaca and gorgeously soft!



So far I’ve made these fabulous mittens


I slightly adapted a pattern which called for chunky yarn.

I bought 500g of Manos Del Uruguay Aran in Valentine.


I’m thinking of making a sweater with this but I haven’t yet decided on a pattern- here are a couple of contenders

Owls by Kate Davies

Cherie Amour
They both use chunky yarn though so I am hunting for something similar.

I’ve just to cast on this-


I’m using James C Brett Rustic Aran- its a purple tweed yarn and knits up very nicely.


I’ve also acquired some Rico Pompon Mini, it was £1.49 but they only had one ball left.


I don’t think it will be enough for a scarf but possibly one side of a cushion cover.

I spotted this little beauty in Abakhan, its a new dk yarn from King Cole.


Lovely bright colours, very funky looking. Not sure what I’m using it for yet though.

Another ball of James C Brett Marble Chunky – this time in Majesty.


The picture doesn’t do it justice

There’s a beret pattern and a cushion cover I want to make with this- decisions decisions.

Its great having all these wonderful projects in my queue and on my needles.
I’ve felt lately like I’m not  enjoying making things for the shop anymore.
It kinda sucks  the joy out of it, just knitting/crocheting furiously to get things up for sale.
I’ve decided to take the pressure off and just make stuff for myself and my friends unless someone contacts me about a project.

So you see why its been a while since I posted …

I have had so much fun buying yarn with large projects in mind. Its something I never really did before.
Making toys, you know you need Dk but most any will do- its just a choice of colour. It also doesn’t take much yarn and cheap acrylic works fine .
I also thought I wouldn’t like making bigger projects because they take so long. 
Whilst I do need several projects on the go at once, I’ve definately u turned on the garments issue.

  I feel like I’ve got my mojo back!


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