Winter is coming…

So after the lengthy project that made up “The Cushion Cover Chronicles” I needed something quick and gratifying. As I may have mentioned.. I’m not a patient woman! That being said, the cushion looks just lovely in my newly decorated living room. We spent all of last Monday doing up this room but it was totally worth it. Painted the room a crisp white with a lovely oriental style floral border. Bought new curtains,lampshade and table lamp in midnight purple. We also moved out some old furniture and re-arranged the room.

It a shame I have no “before” pictures to show just how much more space there is. Although its a tiny room and hard to photograph anyway. What I now have is a de-cluttered and serene living space that just begs to be knitted in!

As I said last time I started on a pair of these
Mary Jane Slippers. This white and pink pair I made for a friend. They are crocheted from a gorgeous soft cream yarn by Hollins Mill and some King Cole Big Value DK in hot pink for the trim. I’ve adorned them with a lovely Hello Kitty button on each one.

The multi coloured ones are for me and made from James Brett Marble Chunky in pretty autumn hues. They are lovely and soft and will keep my feet warm around the house this winter.

I’ve been off work this week and am trying to make the most of my free time. Sunday night me and the other half started watching Game of Thrones…watched 7 eps in one night and didnt get to sleep til 3am! Truly awesome television if you haven’t caught it already.

Slept late and finished the series off the next day, all the while I was learning how to make granny squares, found a great tutorial here . Started a fab looking repeating stripe pattern and just kept going!

Its now the size of a cushion cover so I think that’s what it’ll be, however some of the colours have run out so I can’t just repeat the pattern for the other panel. Considering using 2 or 3 colours from the original six and repeating them.
I’m really happy with how my first square has turned out, its just as easy as everyone says it is! I shall be making a lot more of these in the future! The ideas are endless… scarves, coasters,cushion covers, blankets and the colour combinations!

Spent some of Tuesday writing up the pattern for the Fraggles I made earlier this year.
Down at Fraggle Rock!
Its my first written pattern and I need to test it out again to make sure it works but I’ll be sharing it for free soon.

A quick note regarding the charity donations which I mentioned at the start of August. I have decided to make and sell a series of “pink” themed items .A portion of sales from these items will be donated to Breast Cancer Care as next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My mother had breast cancer many years ago and its a charity close to my heart. Better go and start gathering up all the pink yarn in my stash!


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