Beads, buttons and pretty notions

Being a lover of notions and drawn to bright shiny things, I often pick up odd buttons or beads I find. I thought I would share with you some of the treasures I have come across.
Aren’t they pretty?
I love finding a new random bead or button and although I’m always full of ideas of what to do with them they normally just end up in my trinket box. I love how just one beautiful object can spark off a world of ideas and I think I must challenge myself to make something with each and every one of them one of these days.


The cushion cover is about 3/4s finished. I’m onto to the blue panel now which is looking lovely.
More pics to come once its on my sofa!

The tiny kitty is on hold right now, she’s not far off being done but the recipient is away right now so there’s no hurry.

The mittens I mentioned a while ago are also on hold, its going to take quite some time to make them so I may have to rethink my method.


Since starting a cushion cover I now have ambitions to cover my house in yarn! I want to make enough cushion covers for both sofas, some crocheted throwovers and maybe some lampshade covers too. I realise this may take quite some time since Ive been making this one cushion cover for what seems like ages but its a challenge I’m willing to take up!

I’ve been using Google Plus a lot lately to connect with knitters, crocheters and all sorts of other craftspeople Its been a fantastic source of inspiration and I have met and seen the work of tons of talented people. If you are on Google Plus then “circle” me!

As mentioned in “Hope, yarn and charity” I’m looking to donate a portion of my sales to charity. I welcome any suggestions but am thinking of choosing either Cancer Research or a local charity. My initial idea is to have a set amount from each sale go to the chosen charity. I would make these donations myself and keep an online record of how much I have raised.
However I am also interested in the idea of knitting for charity as well. I may get involved in “The Big Knit” which is done by Innocent Smoothies and raises money for Age UK
All you do is knit lots of tiny hats to go on Innocent Smoothie bottles this winter and send them in!

Lastly don’t forget to visit my Folksy shop, there are tiny totoros and many other cuties looking for homes!

Lots of Love xxx


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