Cushion Cover Chronicles Part 1


Am for the first time in ages, working on a project straight from a magazine pattern.
Its a cushion cover from lets knit using a fabulously soft pom pom yarn called Cookie. The yarn came with the magazine and partly because I’m not normally a fan of novelty yarns I decided to give it a go. In classic shonnah style however I have made some adjustments. I don’t have any fabric or a sewing machine right now so I’ve opted to knit both panels.
The pattern calls for a lovely lime green to offset the cookie yarn however to match my decor I’ve opted for chocolate brown and I’ll be using teal for the other panel. I have yet decided what stitch pattern to use either. I’m  tempted to go for garter stitch or stocking stitch to keep it simple . More pics to come once I’ve decided and made a start on the second panel.
Looking forward to finishing it and seeing how it looks on my sofa!


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