The army is growing!



Another Totoro to add to the ranks, this time in turquoise. I’m loving making these tiny little wonders and I’ve  all sorts of ideas for other tiny creations.

Took a trip to Abakhan last week and  picked up lots of fabulous yarn! Some James Brett Marble chunky yarn in lovely jewel tones of amber, purple and green. And some gorgeous natural fibred yarns from Hollins Mill which was incredible value!
They have limited details on the band, no tension for example. For those who don’t know, yarn bands normally show how many stitches and rows are needed to make a 10x10cm (tension) square when knitted up. This helps with judging how big a project will be. 
However all that’s needed is for me to knit one myself so its not too much hassle.
I’m thinking of making some tiny owls with it as a couple of them are mottled looking shades in quite muted colours.

I’ve also been thinking about making cushion covers alot lately. This would be a project for myself though as we could really do with some new ones!
Currently making this little Hello Kitty that  you can see and  she’s turning out lovely.  Its a commission  for someone along with the grey Tiny Totoro .
More pictures to come when she’s finished.

Lastly just want to say thanks to Netty for replying to the naming comp. I’ve declared her the winner which gives her 10% off an item in my shop or a custom item.  


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