Cushion Cover Chronicles Part 1


Am for the first time in ages, working on a project straight from a magazine pattern.
Its a cushion cover from lets knit using a fabulously soft pom pom yarn called Cookie. The yarn came with the magazine and partly because I’m not normally a fan of novelty yarns I decided to give it a go. In classic shonnah style however I have made some adjustments. I don’t have any fabric or a sewing machine right now so I’ve opted to knit both panels.
The pattern calls for a lovely lime green to offset the cookie yarn however to match my decor I’ve opted for chocolate brown and I’ll be using teal for the other panel. I have yet decided what stitch pattern to use either. I’m  tempted to go for garter stitch or stocking stitch to keep it simple . More pics to come once I’ve decided and made a start on the second panel.
Looking forward to finishing it and seeing how it looks on my sofa!


The army is growing!



Another Totoro to add to the ranks, this time in turquoise. I’m loving making these tiny little wonders and I’ve  all sorts of ideas for other tiny creations.

Took a trip to Abakhan last week and  picked up lots of fabulous yarn! Some James Brett Marble chunky yarn in lovely jewel tones of amber, purple and green. And some gorgeous natural fibred yarns from Hollins Mill which was incredible value!
They have limited details on the band, no tension for example. For those who don’t know, yarn bands normally show how many stitches and rows are needed to make a 10x10cm (tension) square when knitted up. This helps with judging how big a project will be. 
However all that’s needed is for me to knit one myself so its not too much hassle.
I’m thinking of making some tiny owls with it as a couple of them are mottled looking shades in quite muted colours.

I’ve also been thinking about making cushion covers alot lately. This would be a project for myself though as we could really do with some new ones!
Currently making this little Hello Kitty that  you can see and  she’s turning out lovely.  Its a commission  for someone along with the grey Tiny Totoro .
More pictures to come when she’s finished.

Lastly just want to say thanks to Netty for replying to the naming comp. I’ve declared her the winner which gives her 10% off an item in my shop or a custom item.  

I’ve been “Cuteabled”!

Some exciting news!

On Monday 4th July the Epicyarns shop was featured on
Cuteable is run by Lynsey and Matt and is a self described
“Mon-Fri treasure trove of cute for you and your home”
Lynsey also sells recycled and upcycled items on Etsy and Folksy.
You can find her craft blog here

The featured item was none other than Akiko

my lovely kitty who is still looking for a new home. I’m so grateful to Lynsey for featuring one of my creations, it really made my day .

Though I’ve been busier than usual this week I’ve been off work so that has definitely freed up some extra time for crafting.
Last week I was commissioned to make Cthulhu in purple for someone to give as a birthday gift. He sprang to life fairly quickly, after some doodling and umming and aahing over the exact shade I should use.
I opted for a plummy colour and got to work.
And here are the results!

I’m really happy with him and hope he’s not TOO cute for his new owner. I’ve managed to make a note of the basics of the pattern this time, as some of you may know I am pretty terrible at keeping notes while I’m designing so this is a plus for me! I’ll be perfecting the notes into a legible pattern asap.

Yesterday I started work on my own Totoro pattern and came up with these little wonders

Tiny Totoro!
I’m making an army of them in loads of different colours. These will be on sale shortly so watch this space! If you would like to request a particular colour please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Finally just a quick reminder you can get 10% off an item from my shop or custom commission (tiny totoros included!) by coming up with a winning name for this little guy

Thats all for now, I’m off to create my army!
Lots of Love