Fresh off the hook

Presenting my latest little critter, a lovely Bassett Hound!

Another commission from a colleague and I feel he’s turned out rather well.
He has gorgeous big ears and lovely amber “puppy dog” eyes just begging to be loved, awwww!


Oh the humanity! It’s a yarn bomb!

Last Saturday was the first annual International Yarn Bombing Day (IYBD). For those of you who don’t know, yarn bombing involves knitters and crocheters using their creations to brighten up the urban landscape. Here are some amazing examples of extreme yarn bombs


Phonebox by Knit the City

Knitta Please aka Magda Sayeg
Carol Hummel Tree Cosy and more

Its something that’s been around for some time but this year was the first official worldwide event. International Yarn Bombing Day was created by Joann Matvichuk from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


Here are some local examples posted on Ravelry (fibre arts social networking site) by Krafty Kath.
Please visit her blog here Kaths Kreations

Can you tell where it is?

Arent they fantastic? How appropriate for the setting too!
What are you doing for next years IYBD?

Sunday Spectacular…or my works in progress

As promised here is a update on what’s on my needles right now.

I’m currently knitting a pair of white and pink Hello Kitty mittens. As you can see they are on four double pointed needles.
For those unfamiliar with the technique it involves using a fifth needle to knit each set of stitches in turn continuing around in a circle.
This means I will be knitting in a tube shape rather than as a flat piece. The advantage of this being there will be no seams to sew up at the end.

I am still undecided about the final design but that’s
nothing new!
More pics to come of these as they develop.

And on the hook….

The beginnings of a lovely Basset Hound, as you can see he’s looking very cute indeed. He’s a commission from someone at work but now I’ve got four doggy noses I think I will have
to make some more canine critters.
Any suggestions for puppies to make would be welcome, include pics though because I’m terrible with dog breeds!


As promised here is my take on Lucy Ravenscars Totoro Pattern

This is a present for my little sister who loves all things Totoro!
I’m so happy with how he turned out, and am itching to design my own Totoro patterns although I imagine they’ll be quite a bit smaller than this one!

Got a couple more projects in the pipeline now, I think a trip to Abakhan might be in order!

There’s a Totoro in the making!

After much ‘gentle’nudging from my lovely lil sis, I am finally making the long promised Grey Totoro! Due to time constraints, other projects on the go etc I am using a pre existing pattern for this one. It’s from the wonderful Lucy Ravenscar and you can find it here –

Lucy Ravenscar

The pattern I’m using is for the blue Totoro which I will adapt slightly. It’s quite refreshing following a pattern for a change, much less stressful and I’ve almost finished the body already! I’d like to stress this item is a gift and not a commission as it was originally meant to be a birthday present. Please check out Lucys blog, she is a very talented crafter and has lots of lovely patterns for sale plus a number for free!

Here be monsters…

This fiery red and yellow dragon is my latest commission. I’d had some trouble with the design but once that was sorted he came together fairly fast.

I’m about to start working on the design for another commission soon and I’ve got a few idead whirling around for other projects.

Watched “My Neighbour Totoro” the other day so I’ve got renewed enthusiasm to make all 3 Totoro’s although this will take some planning. In the meantime I’m going to have a go at making some “dust bunnies”. As seen here with Mei from “My Neighbour Totoro”