“You and me, me and you, both of us together! “

Welcome Mike Wazowski!
I made him for a colleagues birthday and she loves him!
I’m really pleased with how he turned out though this was another “no plan” project.
I knew basically what I wanted so I just picked up the hook and went with it. This way he’s one of a kind (although I’d happily make him again if asked! hint hint).

Currently working on a red and yellow dragon for someone. Its coming along but the design isnt finalised, now thats one I had to plan. I’d never though of doing one before and there are so many different varieties it was hard to know where to start. However thats now sorted out and I have a design sketch to work from; and a whole load of ideas for different types of dragon to make!


Epicyarns at Folksy.com

I have finally set up shop online at last!
My shop is at Folksy.com, a great uk based website for sellers and purchasers of handmade items. There are all sorts of amazing talented people selling gorgeous handmade clothes, jewellery,toys,furniture, art and more! If you are looking for a one off unique item Folksy sellers have something to suit.

Click on the Folksy badge below to visit my shop


I’ll be adding more items soon and am taking requests for custom critters. If you want to discuss requirements and price please email epicyarns@live.co.uk.

Hello from Ooki Mimi & Akiko

Say hello to Ooki Mimi, my latest little creation

His name is japanese, meaning “Big Eared”. I’m not really sure what he is as such but he’s adorable none the less!

This is Akiko, she’s my latest kitten creation and she’s just the cutest!

Both of these lovely creatures will be looking for homes soon so watch this space.

C is for Cookie

Pic of my latest project, Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. I was asked to make him by a work colleague and he’s been very well received!
I think he’s adorable, he just needs a little velvet smoking jacket for when he does Monsterpiece Theatre!

Starting work on a new project tonight, I’ve got several ideas swirling around so we’ll see how inspiration strikes later.