Fraggle-Tastic part 2

Meet Gobo, the latest addition to my Fraggle family 😀

Now that I’ve perfected the pattern, I’m hoping to make the whole gang!
Look out for an update on my store set up soon when they will be available for puchase 😀



A time to knit… and crochet

I’m off the for whole week!

Finally finished the scarf I’ve been working on 😀
Went for a crochet border in a lovely jade colour then extended the ends using the same colour and finished with some pretty shell edging.
All in all I’m really pleased, the riot is lovely and soft around the neck and the jade cotton really pops against it.

I’ve parted with one of the headbands already, although it was to my sister as she fell in love with it. I will probably make some more however since we are going into summer now I may hold off on the chunky ones for now.

I have started on a new project, this time some amigurumi.

Inspired while watching this on DVD at work, I’m hoping to make all of them and so far she’s coming along really well!

Right then, back to it.