Inspiration Station

Ok so I’ve just turned the heel on sock number two

I’m really pleased so far and its been much easier than I expected, if you are putting off trying socks my advice is; dive in!
However despite this I’m itching to finish them because inspiration is everywhere right now!
Colours and characters jumping out at me from all over.
There’s a good few pre existing characters I’d like to make

I’m also thinking of doing a series mice inspired by pierrot which occured to me when musing over this picture on my wall

For now however I’d best reign it in and finish off these socks!


The Joy of Sox

So, I have made a start on my first “proper” pair of socks.
I’ve heard sock knitting is addictive and I’m beginning to see why.
I was up til 3am one night feverishly knitting away to get in just one more round!

Yarn Delivery!

Overtime at work paid off and this month I finally bought myself some gorgeous new yarn!

I have been after a ball of King Cole Riot for months now, I’m completely in love with this shade (Cool).

I could only afford one ball and I think I’ll either make a scarf or a shrug cardigan.

I’m planning on making a cushion cover from this months Lets Knit, and rather than the lime green suggested I’ve gone for a lovely Kingfisher blue.

Finally 2 balls of King Cole Zig Zag 4ply, a pair of socks each for me and my other half. Luckily a free pattern was included so all I have to worry about is mastering double pointed needles!