Weekend Update

I couldn’t resist this lovely remnant piece on my last fabric shopping trip. I love the dusky mauve colour and understated floral print. I figured at the least I could hem it and have a pretty scarf.

I’ve wanted to make my own kimono style cardigan for a while but I wasnt sure this was enough fabric. After watching a few videos I settled on this one by Mighymannie.

My sleeves are a few inches shorter than hers because I just didn’t have the width of fabric. In the end I cut very little off to make my T shape. None the less I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’ve trimmed the sleeves with dusky pink lace.

I’ve also done a little upcycle with an old mens jumper. It’s 70% lambswool so it seemed a shame to throw it away but I found it a little shapeless as a jumper. I just cut straight down the middle and hemmed it. Then I cuffed the sleeves as they’re too long.

Now I have a cosy slouchy cardigan!


It’ll be simple she said…

A Classic Mans T-shirt… easy right?

Yeah that’s what I thought when I said I’d make it. After working with woven, going back to jersey was …challenging. To clarify the pattern and instructions were fantastic and not the cause of any of my issues

It started when I cut out the pattern pieces before realising I should have added some extra length just in case. Oops.

The neckband was a breeze, its the bit of this project I’m most proud of.

Cut the fabric on the bias and it turned out so much better than previous tops where I hadnt. Lies flat and doesnt look stretched.

The side seems were the start of my machine issues. Had to rethread several times and change the needle – can you believe this is the first time I realised my packs of jersey needles were different sizes????? 😳Settled on a 90/14 from looking at advice online.

Setting in the sleeves went really well, first time I’ve done this. It was easier than I thought.

Problems re occurred when I came to do the hems. The zig zag stitches look straight and the contrasting thread I was using really showed up the poor stitching.

Had to unpick the whole lot. Sadly some slight fabric damage πŸ˜”

Redid them in a closer matching thread which looks much better. Still not sure what’s going on with the machine but to be fair it does need replacing. All in all there’s a lot of positives to take from this project and I would definitely make it again. Best of all, A is really happy with it. And isnt the most important thing? ❀❀❀

It’s got pockets!

I knew when I found this tutorial I had the perfect fabric for it. The Picnic Blanket Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons is a fab no pattern tutorial, you just need your own measurements. It’s given me a few “firsts” including using interfacing and making pockets. Yes ladies its got pockets!

The tutorial is really easy to follow and I’m looking forward to making many more of them.

It’s very full which suits the retro fabric. I may use less fabric next time and plain instead of print, for a more “everyday” kind of skirt. The pockets turned out perfectly and are just the right size.

I am really enjoying working with wovens, I’ve only really used knits so far on clothes. My next project is a classic man’s tshirt though so it’s back to the stretchy fabric!

Here’s some pictures I took during the making of the skirt.

Please excuse the bad lighting in the last picture, its a mirror selfie!

Drum roll please

Latest addition to my wardrobe ❀ Its turned out beautifully and I’m so so pleased.

The pattern is by Straight Stitch Designs and can be found here.

I’ve added 4 inches to the length as it was a little too mini for me. I’ve also deepened the neckline by two inches.

This my first time using woven fabric (on a garment) and the first time I have ever done bias binding.

As you can see from the pictures I didn’t use the crochet inserts (maybe next time).

I cut the two insert pieces vertically for contrast. They go across the shoulders and sleeves.

It looks great on and I’m looking forward to wearing it!


WIP Wednesday **Update**

I don’t know if you’d call it a WIP as such since its really just an experiment. I’m working on a garment with the gorgeous floral fabric you saw in my last post. I’m toying with the idea of using crochet inserts in place of the contrasting fabric the pattern calls for.

So, I searched online and found this lovely Lace Flower Star Stitch tutorial.

As you can see its very early days, I have however, frogged this first row about 10 times trying to get the hang of it!

The yarn is so thin and delicate , most of my previous crochet work has been a bit chunkier.

Only time will tell if this is going to pan out. If not, I’ve learnt a new stitch!


Despite several tries the lace flowers weren’t working. The shapes didnt look defined enough. I will park that stitch away for a thicker yarn.

I have now gone with Diamond Mesh Stitch which is working much better.

Soon I’ll test it out with my project and see if it’s a viable idea. 🀞🀞🀞

Sew Sew Sew

I started the new year as I mean to go on..by sewing. This had previously been mainly a yarn based blog but as you all know I also love to sew. Knitting has taken a little bit of a backseat. Although I definitely plan to work through my stash, I may not buy any new yarn for a while (she says, good intentions etc etc)

Last year saw me making cushion covers and my very first garments. This year I want to improve my clothes making skills. I’ve gotten some patterns from the very fabulous Patterns for Pirates (P4P). They are easy to follow, come in a good range of sizes and each garment usually has a few variations. Its like getting 4 patterns in one!

I’ve also been watching videos about how to make patterns from your existing clothes.

To that end, I used a loose jumper I love as a template and have made a loose flowy t-shirt for the summer. How fab is this fabric, I couldn’t resist it.

Next I’ve finished the P4P pencil skirt. Its made from soft stretchy jersey in a lovely shade of purple.

Currently I’ve got this gorgeous fabric on the cutting table

You’ll have to watch this space to see what it becomes!

Knit wise my WIPS include

  • Rose Trellis Cardigan – on hiatus but may return for summer 2018.
  • Granny Square Blanket – made a few new squares over Xmas. Needs to grow to about 4 x its current size to cover my bed.
  • Knit Kit Cat- got a little knit kit for Xmas. Have cast on the body.
  • Rainbow Shawl- with my rainbow lambswool I started a basic garter triangle shawl. Its on hiatus awaiting more yarn.

I’m hoping to return to my Brandywine Falls Shawl which I made 5 years ago. I still have more of the yarn and I’d like to lengthen the shawl. Its one of my favourite ever knits but I found I hardly wear it.

I’m also planning to make more Beehive Hats , in contrast to the above my Beehive is one of my most worn knits. I have two but the purple and grey one is my go to hat. The other one is fab too, it’s in rainbow yarn with sparkles! It’s the most amazing pattern- quick ,easy, no hat head and loads of room for my hair!

Well that’s me for today. I’ll be back with more fabric & yarn shenanigans soon!


Rainbow Connection 🌈

Squeeeee! My new yarn arrived! Its 100% lambswool and so pretty. I bought it from eBay and I’m currently drying a tension square of it on the craft room floor. 

It’s nice to knit with and feels softer after blocking. I still haven’t decided what to make with it yet; but it comes in a lot of yummy colours so I can see myself buying more in future. 

I’m very close to finishing the main body of the Rose Trellis Cardigan. Then it’s time to do some improv & add sleeves. 

Wish me luck πŸ’•

Hiraeth Shawl

I’ve finally finished it!


Here it is blocking on the craft room floor. 

Although I’ve knit with this yarn before, I didnt block my last project. πŸ˜•

 I was surprised by just how much the yarn stretched when it got wet. It was quite scary as I worried I’d ruin it.

In the end it’s turned out really well and all the little errors I fretted about arent really visible when I’m wearing it. 

I’ve now gone back to my Rose Trellis project.

 I was close to finishing it but took a break  in frustration,when I came across yet another missing stitch. There’s a lot of yarn overs in the pattern and it’s easy to miss one. 

After fixing the mistake I’m on my way again. 

More pictures to follow. 

I’ve also got some gorgeous new lace weight yarn on the way which I cant wait to show off. I’d love some suggestions for shawl patterns?

🌼The Craft Room

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted. So, what have I been up to? Well, lots of gaming- Twilight Princess HD took up several weeks. I also finished Links Awakening DX. Some amazing tv shows (latest GOT anyone? ) , a few great novels and of course knitting. 

In May we went camping to the Brecon Beacons. We saw the highest waterfall in Wales 

 and climbed a mountain! 

The main big change is that I have moved house. In April we found a lovely place and we made the move at the end of May. 

As it’s a 3 bed property I now have my very own craft room. 

 It’s still a WIP. The TV isn’t permanent, I just set it up for some retro gaming. I need some more storage and a desk for the sewing machine, but my yarn finally has a home. 


Now that we are settled in I’ve been carrying on with Hiraeth. 

I’m on the third & final section. Drops Lace has been a dream to knit with again.  I’m  definitely hooked on shawls now! 

I’m still hoping to finish / frog all my UFOS this year. I want to make plans for existing yarn, knit up all my kits and plan a few projects for the house.  

πŸ’–Exciting times! πŸ’–